About Us

About Us


Mimar Studio is an architectural, interior design and decoration company, known for expertise and innovation in the field of Home Décor and Building Construction. Since we consider client’s requirement as the first priority, our services are mostly client driven. With time the demand for urbanization and new buildings and structures is increasing. As a result, newer companies in this industry are entering frequently. But expert and qualified service are still rare to find out.

Our aim is to fill that gap by offering extraordinary service. We intend to create an environment that is ergonomic and welcoming enough for the dwellers. We apply design principles, space analysis, and knowledge integration, in order to design and decorate the interior and exterior of a space.


To build an Architectural, Interior Design and Consultancy company that will be known as one of the trustworthy companies in term of design, creativity and innovation. We intend to establish a brand image and to become considered as the first choice by the real estate agencies and other stakeholders within the industry.


To establish an Architectural, Interior Design and Consultancy company whose creative and effective services will not only be acknowledged in the local industry but also in other parts of the world.

Why Choose Us?

Creativity and Innovation

We provide unique services in terms of creativity and innovation tailored to client’s requirements.

Design and Solution

We offer complete design and planning solution; from pre-design, post design development phase to final handover of the completed new space.

Creative, Experienced and Highly qualified

We have a team of creative, experienced and highly qualified interior designers and architects.

Green Earth and Zero Tolerance

We value the principles of Green Earth and Zero Tolerance for safety. We design and execute each planning accordingly.