Things To Consider Before Going For Kitchen Cabinet Design In Bangladesh

Kitchen Cabinet Design

Currently for every household demand of Kitchen Cabinet Design in Bangladesh is being considered with high importance. Though earlier in Bangladesh, mass people didn’t acknowledge the real essentiality of smart kitchen accessories and furniture. In Bangladesh, people ignore the room most in their household is kitchen, when the kitchen is the heart of any household. The person who cook for everyone at home a kitchen with flexible interior design is like a blessings.

Now a day modular kitchens or kitchens with in-built cabinets are high in demand. This design includes floor to ceiling cabinets and contemporary fixtures in kitchen. Almost every Residential Interior Designing Services in Dhaka includes lucrative and attractive Kitchen Cabinet Design Services as per client’s choice and demand. With the growing popularity of Kitchen Cabinet Design in Bangladesh, many house owners in urban and small towns are renovating their kitchens just to adopt the latest Kitchen Design style. Ceiling to Roof Cabinet Design system saves up space in kitchen, make the movement flexible and prevents unwanted accidents.

If you are trying to design a new kitchen or attempting to renovate your existing one, than few tips might help your interior designer to do the job perfectly and will reduce renovation time.

Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is important for the architect or designer, when they design a kitchen at your home. Considering factors such as the number of people in your family, the number of people who would be using the kitchen, how many times do your family use the kitchen and your family’s food habit, etc. These information will help to make space and accommodate amenities harmoniously. Most importantly, if you are the house owner or just a dweller by rent, this fact will make a huge difference in your kitchen decorum.

Infusing your personal Style

To infuse your personal style in your kitchen there are two parts that you need to consider. They are the aesthetic style and in-depth understanding of the clients cooking style. Designers can show you sample designs and you need to make sure whether you are liking the classic styles, contemporary styles or others like rustic.The designer may also dig deeper into your cooking style to know about your movement in the kitchen room. Knowing this will help to design a kitchen layout that ensures easy movement of your, like moving condiments, cutlery, and groceries, etc.


The budget is a crucial part of the interior design plan. You may want some super classic modern design but falling short of the budget. At the time of providing the design options, the designer needs to work within the budget and present layouts accordingly. You may use alternative materials in place of expensive materials to save money. Using alternative materials will cost less but will give an external appeal of rich look. A design budget is a carefully calculated pay-off. It makes you choose between an expensive but long lasting material or going for affordable options that last for short period of time.

Plan for Space

When comes about kitchen design work, the measurement is the most vital element. Things that designers need to consider such as the total floor space and wall support. Whether it would be a closed or open kitchen design. The required floor space for standing equipment such as refrigerators and dishwashers. During designing a kitchen, designers consider the height of the users so that the user can access all cabinets of the kitchen easily. On the other hand, height of cabinets must be on such a height so that no clients need to bend down to work. So they can swiftly move in the kitchen always.

Storage Capacity

A very important part of planning a kitchen design includes planning for all the internal storage. Every kitchen needs to put in various kinds of containers, cutlery, and storage jars in the kitchen. These factors need to be considered during the time when designer designs a kitchen. Understanding the type of acquaintances will be used help to determine the spacing for appliances required. For example, if you use convection oven other than microwave then you will need more space for fixing that right under the stove.

Even as Bangladesh is a very humid country and we get plenty of warm day light, it is quite common to build dishwashing space outside but close to the kitchen. But, if you want to keep your dish washer inside the kitchen then you must make sure enough availability of air and daylight through door and window.   


Kitchen interior is not just about creating beautiful looking kitchens but creating one that is convenient and relaxing to work in. As a user you have unique nature and use your kitchen on your own way. So, the interior designer you are going to hire must know these factors when design your kitchen. By keeping in mind the points mentioned above, designing a perfect kitchen for you will be easier.

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